WRE in Munkebjerg 2014

OK Snab Welcomes you to the WRE Competition in Munkebjerg 14 th September 2014.

Munkebjerg is situated in the middle of Denmark. The forest is known as one of the best an orienteerer will find in Denmark. You find a fine variation of softwoods and beech forest andcontour intervals 5 m is needed to describe the deep slopes and the hilly terrain.

More than 30 forest owners have kindly put thier parts of the forest at our disposal. It has been almost 20 years since the Danish Championship was arranged in Munkebjerg, and so the forest has changed a lot. We have therefore asked one of Denmarks best mappers, Steen Frandsen to make a perfect map for the Event.


A welldrawn map deserves the very best courses, and we have asked  Flemming Jørgensen and Kent Lodberg  to resume their  teamwork from WOC2006 in Denmark. This time with Flemming as the courseplanner and Kent as the course controller.

OK SNAB is looking forward to arranging a 5-star A-event, and we promise you one of the best orienteering experiences of the year in Munkebjerg September 14th. The event is a World Ranking Event and the Danish National Championship Long Distance.


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